Password Resetter review

What is Password Resetter?

Password Resetter is a software that will help you get into your windows when you forget your password in less than 60 seconds.
It will search for your password, find it and reset it. Automatically and safely. It works on all Windows platforms (XP, NT, 2000, Vista, 7 and even the new Windows 8)

It is easy to use and safe. You won’t need to be on the phone with computer specialists for hours and pay them tons of cash to reset your forgotten password.

How does Password Resetter works?

Once you download it, the software finds all the necessary files and creates a bootable CD or USB. And when you need it, you just insert the CD or USB into the computer and the Password Resetter locates the windows accounts, searches for the password, resets it and then reboots your computer.
It is really easy to use.

What do you get?

  • a great, easy to use graphical user interface
  • 24/7  technical support
  • lifetime upgrades for Password Resetter
  • step-by-step users manual

I think that 34.99$ is a great price for such an awesome software. Because what is important is that with Password Resetter you will never again be locked out of your computer because of a forgotten password.
And let’s not forget that you also get the 60 day money back guarantee. So it is totally safe to buy it.

You don’t need any special skills!
The software supports english, german and spanish language!
You know that it can be frustrating if you forget your password. You just can’t get to any of the files or documents you have on your computer. And some of them can be worth a whole salary! Well you must have a backup of your password so you can always get in your Windows even if you forget a password. This method is approved by leading anti-virus companies such as Norton and McAfee.
You know that if you hire a computer tehnician to get your windows password back, it can cost you a fortune. And not to even mention the inconvinience of not being able to use your computer for several days. But with this great software, you get to reset your computer password within minutes! And you can continue using your computer like nothing happened.


  • software supports english, german and spanish language
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • simple use
  • it saves your time

Just remember these simple steps:

And you will never again miss a deadline because of a forgotten password.

We all know how it is when you are ona  due date  working on some task. And you work on it for days and nights and when there comes the deadline, you are all exhausted and forget your password. Well that happened to me. And I was locked out of my computer and could not do anything. I had to explain this to my boss. Well he just said: “Buy yourself a Password Resetter”. Well I did. And it already saved my life and my job a few times. It comes in handy right when I really need it. It is a great software.
Imagine that this can easily happen to you and you will quickly come in a need for Passwor Resetter. Well, you have to buy it now in order for it to work 😉


Password resetter


This is a new blog and I will talk about ways of resetting your windows password and how to avoid forgetting it. There are many options for it. From mind tricks to software that helps you.